Nandan possess a yarn manufacturing capacity of 140 TPD.
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Nandan can offer the high quality dyed yarn in various blend & count for hosiery & weaving segment. Our Product Mix includes 100% Cotton, Blended Yarn, Special Open End Yarn, Organic Cotton, Core-Spun Yarns, and 100% dyed yarn.


Nandan yarn dyeing plant has a complete infrastructure to develop any shade in packaged yarn as per customer’s requirement within 48-72 hrs. Nandan has a well-equipped laboratory for the Color matching system from X-rite Colori-7, a Color matching lightbox from X-rite Spectra Light QC (III).


  • Customers can choose a wide range of colors from our shade card.
  • Our lab can match any shade as per customer’ requirement.
  • We use Pantone color card for quick shade matching and reference.


Nandan Yarn Dyeing can supply 100% dyed yarn for knitting and weaving segment in both single & double counts with reactive, PMF& sulphur dyes.


Nandan can supply as well as100% cotton mélange yarn in sulphur dyes.


Nandan Yarn Dyeing can supply100% cotton space-dyed yarn up to 8 colors.


The Large package size of 1200-1300 grams resulting in fewer cone changes on the knitting/warping/leading to higher knitting/warping/ efficiency and less wastage.


Large lot sizes (upto1000kgs/batch) resulting in better lot management at customer end and less wastage


Special rewinding machines to ensure proper waxing.