Women Leadership


Women leaders are on the rise. So, aside from repercussions of #MeToo, why is there so much discussion about women coming into their own and coming into positions of leadership?


Myth #1: Leaders are born (male). 

With the marginal numbers of women in executive levels of leadership, this myth would seem to be true. Yes, statistically, there are more male leaders represented in most organizations. However, this does not preclude women from taking on leadership roles.


Myth #2: Leadership is new for women

Have you ever heard of the names Cleopatra VII or even Dilma Rousseff, Indira Gandhi or certainly Oprah Winfrey and Hilary Clinton? Women have been leading across all sectors of business and government since the beginning of recorded history and earlier. When women have other women leadership role models within the organization, they can better envision their own career paths and success. 


Myth #3: Women can have it all.

The real question is: What level of engagement in your work is appropriate and desirable for you at this stage of your life and career? When women can answer that question with certainty and authenticity, they will likely strike the right balance for themselves.


Myth #4: Women must work harder at learning to lead

Research shows that women naturally possess effective leadership competencies. This means those competencies, such as developing new leaders, demonstrating communication and social skills, utilizing creativity and innovation, problem-solving, demonstrating judgment and team leadership, among others, are naturally available for women leaders. 


Myth #5: Women will never be paid as much as men. 


Real talent and hard work in an efficient organization never go to waste. It doesn’t matter who delivers the work until unless it is achieved with utmost precision. So, never underrate yourself.

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