Corporate Office

Nandan Denim Ltd.
Chiripal House, Shivaranjani Cross Road, Satellite,
Ahmedabad – 380 015.
Gujarat, India
Phone:+91 – 79 – 2673 4660 / 62 / 63
FAX:+91 – 79 – 2676 8656

Factory Address

Nandan Denim Ltd.
Survey No. 198/1 & 203/2, Saijpur-Gopalpur, Pirana road,
Ahmedabad – 380 015.
Gujarat, India
Phone: +91 – 9879200199

Slasher Route Process

Quality is never an accident, It is always the result of an intelligent effort
First Step


Having some of the best mule spinners, Nandan Denim draws out the strings of the best quality cotton to form the Yarns through mule spinning machines.

Second Step


After spinning the finest cotton into yarns, the winding takes place, where the yarns are transferred from the Bobbin Package to a yarn Package to improve the quality and remove any dust and clean out the entire Yarn.

Third Step


Dyeing the yarns in a wrap beam form, the process in slasher includes dyeing the yarn continuously four to five times in the indigo dye to bring colour to the fabric.

Fourth Step


The dyed yarns are then sized and wound onto a wrap beam ready to be used for the weaving process.

Fifth Step


Two distinct sets of yarn, warp and weft are then weaved together to produce one of the finest quality Denims in India.

Sixth Step


After weaving the piece of the cloth is then is treated with different processes that contains mercerized, unmercerized, heat set, airo, peach, overdye, coating, and printing.

Seventh Step

Inspection and Folding

The best machines are used for the inspection with a 360° inspection of the fabric followed by folding the finished premium quality denim clothing.

Eighth Step


After due inspection, the material is finally packaged into different cartons depending on the texture and types of apparel.