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The yarn dyeing facility of 20 TPD with different configuration right from 6 kg onwards enables us to have larger number of shades. Along with that, the art weaving facilities worth 10 MMPA with latest high speed looms with dobby attachments using air jets and rapier technology. With that, we ensure that we produce the best plain, twill, dobby, oxford, chambray, fila fil, herringbone, basket weave and pin-point oxford to name a few. The state of the art weaving is coupled with the processing machines ranging from preparatory to finishing including prints, peach, bio finish, ETI, normal soft finish, carbon finish, airo, coating, printing over yarn dyed fabrics, Indigo dyed fabrics and many more to give a touch to the fabric that suits the customer requirement of being the fashion frontier.


fil a fils with carbon peaching to provide smooth touch and comfort

Smart Casuals

varied combination of colour , weave and patterns for a neat yet casual attire


interesting tartans , madras plaids, ombres, engineered plaids with an added twist of innovative yarns


inventing the basic with an element of texture to play with slubs/linens


We present different hues of indigoes with an amazing range of stories dipped in indigoes from basics to rugged cauals, from slubs , neps to injections


A concept of sulphur play with indigo which allows washing possibilities to an exagerated level . Range continues from basics to casuals..


Plaid play with fancy yarns like melange , grindle , space dyeds, neps, injected slubs .


different blends with cotton like tencel , viscose , modal, linen to provide an enriched look to the shirts

Every design, pattern and texture speaks a story about warmth, care, nature and love. - Ms Ruchi Mittal (Design, Shirting)

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