Spinning Lab

For homogeneous mixing, an advanced bale management software is in place to test and categorize every bale of cotton. Our state of the art lab is equipped with the following machines-


> HVI-900
> Uster Tester
> Uster Tensojet
> Classimat-III

spinning lab_1
fabric physical lab

Fabric Physical Lab

Before going for inspecting and packaging, a sophisticated Fabric Physical Lab tests every batch of fabric for ensuring impeccable quality. Each and every fabric passes through international AATCC and ASTM test methods. These methods check the tensile strength, washing speed, crocking speed, shrinkage, weight and movement. The equipment in the lab include-


> Tensile strength tester
> Tearing strength tester
> Spectrophotometer
> Projection microscope
> Stiffness tester

Chemical Lab

Proper testing and certification is done for all input dyes and chemicals used. The types of equipment used are-

> Ovens
> Muffle furnace
> Miniature padding mangle
> Various other chemical testing apparatus

chemical lab