Our journey

The journey is far more important than the destination, it is often quoted. And we iterate, rightly so!

Our journey from a small division of the giant Chiripal Group in 1994 to carving out an identity for ourselves in the world of Denim manufacturing has been a fascinating experience. Ably driven by Mr. Deepak Chiripal’s guidance and leadership, Nandan Denim, as on date, has bulked up the capacity to produce over 130 million meters of denim every year!

One of the most important milestones in our journey was when we commenced textile trading in 2000 and in 2004 when we forayed into denim manufacturing with an initial manufacturing facility of 6 MMPA. 2006 was an important landmark as we rolled out our IPO valued at 12 crore. Right after that, in 2007, we further installed denim and spinning production capacity to meet with the ever increasing consumer demand. As on date, our internal capacity is:

110 MMPA
141 TPD
Yarn Dyeing

Yet, what often keeps a journey going is purpose. No matter however great the journey, the day purpose is lost, the sight of the road ahead is lost too. We are driven by the purpose of being the number one choice of customers all over the world! Every moment of our existence is dedicated to serving our existing and new customers to the best of our ability.