Growth for us means collective progress for all our stakeholders – our customers, employees, investors and the community at large


Customers, without a glimmer of doubt, are the most important stakeholders at Nandan Denim. We take immense pride in reviewing their constructive feedback that comprises of complaints, suggestions and appreciation with an impartial ear. We love to implement all pragmatically possible and achievable pointers from customer feedback to ensure we satisfy their needs and demands. A customer centric approach, for obvious reasons, aids us in inexplicable proportions as it helps us improve and become better Denim Manufacturers.


Our suppliers ensure we are up to date with the necessary raw materials to function consistently. Often, the suppliers are ignored stakeholders but, right since our inception, our top management has emphasized on being on the same page with them. We work on the material provided by them, and hence we treat them as no less than customers or investors as they initiate the production chain for us. At Nandan Denim, we value our suppliers immensely and keep emphasizing of having healthy relationships with them.


We’ve always maintained that we treat external funds with tremendous care and caution. The fact that our investors have faith in us and back us in all our ventures, new or existing, motivate us to further improve our processes and the outcomes. Ample support from financers also ensures that the company can boundlessly dream big and attempt previously uncharted territories.