At Nandan, we are a team of fabric enthusiasts and fashion experts.

The quest is on to reach the sky with a vision to grow and lead. A desire always burns inside, to deliver what the people need.


We are friends with the nature, and care for our employees. We give back what we take, by planting countless trees!

Our ambition soars high, while scaling the global route. We’re here to deliver the best, being true to Indian roots!


We envision a stylish world, through solutions that are smart. With a will to serve the world, Nandan stays Indian by heart!



Nandan Denim works tirelessly to be the number one choice of customers all over the world. Our identity is truly Indian, especially because of our willingness to serve and deliver the best to everyone. We are grounded to our Indian roots and bank on that to explore new horizons across the globe!

Employee Values


The key to a successful, employee centric culture is to provide ample freedom to the team members along with the cushion to experiment. This happens when each and every individual takes up significant ownership of work. This happens when one is also allowed to commit errors, only to learn from them and continuously improve performance. And lastly, this happens when the team is trained not to just come up with problems, but also with solutions to those problems. These values are imbibed in our culture since 25 years and we function as a unit that represents our customers! This inward approach helps us better understand consumer requirements and serve them faster!

Inverted Pyramid Approach


A conventional pyramid has the leader on top, followed by the management, the staff, with customers placed right at the bottom. But at Nandan Denim, we believe this model needs to be completely altered to create a modern day customer centric organization. Hence, we have devised an in-house Inverted Pyramid Approach which puts the customers on top of the pyramid, followed by the staff, followed by the management, and lastly the leaders. The whole idea was to ensure that customer voices drive company decisions and actions in a way that we collectively maximize the utility and eventually expand customer base. In a considerably short span of time, the Inverted Pyramid Approach has produced fruitful results for us by increasing customer satisfaction and happiness, and we hope the same continues to happen in the time to come.

Our Value System

Passion leading to excellence

Agility to stay ahead and innovate

Aggression for Growth of all stake-holder


Respect for Diverse Views

Care for the environment

Collaborative & Relationship driven

Customer Intimacy

Fashion Orientation