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Life At Nandan


Life at Nandan is a life full of empowerment! We believe in empowering people not just with authority, but by the vehement desire to let people express their best. In our view, people don’t work for us but they rather work with us, we firmly invest in this philosophy.


Life at Nandan Denim is full of ownership and every individual contributing to the company is motivated to take up initiatives and complete tasks with sheer responsibility. It is a learning space where mutual growth encompasses the work environment and the culture!

Employee Testimonials

At Nandan, all processes are designed to achieve – quality, delivery, and service to ensure a happy customer.

Dr. D.K. Jain

Head- Marketing
The only two ways a business can progress are – marketing and product Innovation.

Mr Amresh Narayan

Head- Marketing, Shirting
Being Humble, collaborative, completely transparent and extremely responsive to external environment is the key to achieve global business in today’s fast-changing world.

Mr Ashok Bothra

Nandan Denim today is standing at a point of inflection- in its existence, catalyzing the denim industry.

Ms Purvee Roy

Investing in Employees, give the highest return.  We focus to align our employee’s personal goals to our organizational goal through empowering them.

Mr. Joy Christian

Chief People Officer
Market conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future demands of our customers beforehand.

Mr Milind Bhortakke

Head- Plant Operation, Nova
Quality, Service and timely delivery are what we aim every time, we receive a business query. We have a capacity to deliver demand to any extend.

Mr. P.K.Sharma

Head, Plant operation, Nandan
Consistent innovation and persist effort to understand the changing tastes of the customers are the growth engines for any company.

Mr. Ghosh

Head, Product Development

Job Openings At Nandan

We have vacancies for full time job applicants as well as interns.

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