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Water Management

We are proud to iterate to all our stakeholders that Nandan Denim is a zero liquid discharge company. We take the entire issue of water management with utmost seriousness and realize that we owe a lot to the environment. And that is why we reuse and recycle water by employing Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant. We also ensure we treat wastewater with responsibility through Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and reuse the same for gardening purpose.

Energy Management

We are pleased to let all our stakeholders know that Nandan Denim is a carbon neutral company. Following so, we need to follow certain compliances which include the following:


> Reuse of condensate recovery as process water.
> Department lighting arrangements are covered under LED.
> Implementation of IMS (combination of QMS / EMS / OSHAS) systems is under process.
> Solar system implementation is being considered.
> Plantation of our own greenbelt with over 25,000 trees.


Social, Health & Safety

Social, health and safety compliances aid us in enhancing the work culture and overall atmosphere at Nandan Denim. We ensure we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, creed or gender with our customers, suppliers or employees. Along with that, we are strictly against the use of child labor in our work processes and have zero tolerance towards suppliers using the same. Lastly, our factory workforce has been provided with protective clothing, helmets and goggles, among others, to ensure a 100% Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policy for our workers.

Chemical Compliance

We take our chemical compliances very seriously as sustainable developmental processes are at the core of our company. Amid the denim manufacturing facility, our chemical compliances include the following:


> Oeko Tex 100 certification
> GOTS 5.0 certification
> BCI certification


Waste Management

As a part of our waste management compliance, we recycle our denim to minimize our wastages. Also, we are setting up garneting function to convert used garments into fibers and then recycle the same to denim. We are happy to inform that we have also set up our own Caustic Recovery Plant (CRP) to reuse and process caustic. At the same time, we keep upgrading our waste management policies closely examining our entire denim manufacturing process to further minimize any wastes that we may be generating.

Spinning Lab

For homogeneous mixing, an advanced bale management software is in place to test and categorize every bale of cotton. Our state of the art lab is equipped with the following machines-


> HVI-900
> Uster Tester
> Uster Tensojet
> Classimat-III

spinning lab_1
fabric physical lab

Fabric Physical Lab

Before going for inspecting and packaging, a sophisticated Fabric Physical Lab tests every batch of fabric for ensuring impeccable quality. Each and every fabric passes through international AATCC and ASTM test methods. These methods check the tensile strength, washing speed, crocking speed, shrinkage, weight and movement. The equipment in the lab include-


> Tensile strength tester
> Tearing strength tester
> Spectrophotometer
> Projection microscope
> Stiffness tester

Chemical Lab

Proper testing and certification are done for all input dyes and chemicals used. The types of equipment used are-

> Ovens
> Muffle furnace
> Miniature padding mangle
> Various other chemical testing apparatus

chemical lab