Integrating technological know-how and insightful thinking, our people believe in delivering innovative solutions. Our Research and Development Team works diligently towards improving the performance of our fabrics while trying to achieve lower cost of production without compromising on the quality of our products. Our facility and engineers are capable of producing everything from coated, printed, deep dyed, discharged printed, block printed to shimmer and stretchable denim. Studying fashion and textiles trends, our engineers and designers are always on a look out for new opportunities to bring about a revolutionary change. To enable our researchers pursue their passion for innovation, we have invested greatly in our state-of-the-art research facility. We have a team of people dedicated to ensure timely delivery of samples and other services to the customers. Our various departments seamlessly collaborate in order to constantly innovate, which helps us stay ahead.

Our CEO's vision is to bring about a change so dramatic that he sees Nandan being run on the Inverted Pyramid Management Philosophy. The inverted pyramid is a reversal of traditional management practices. Employees who work on the shop floor and influence production processes or those who are closest to customers are strategically empowered with greater decision-making authority and freedom of action. The top management is at the bottom of this pyramid and play the role of facilitators of their team's effort in achieving organizational goals.

Our CEO has this strong belief that with this Inverted Pyramid Philosophy Nandan will be able to dramatically improve its overall organizational performance. Thereby, making Nandan extremely adaptive to changes, making it more agile and highly innovation-driven.