Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR is about capacity building for sustainable livelihoods. With the same objectives, Chiripal Group gave birth to Chiripal Charitable Trust. The CSR activities of the Group are guided by the vision and philosophy of the Chairman, Mr. Vedprakash D. Chiripal, who got this inspiration from his parents. He enunciated the value of trusteeship in business and laid strong foundation for its ethical and value-based functioning. As a responsible "Corporate Citizen", the Group is engaged in various social welfare activities. Through its social commitment, it intends to promote initiatives, for educational and health awareness amongst the weaker sections of the society.

An effort towards saving lives

Every year, it organises an annual blood donation camp with support from Prathma Blood Centre, at the corporate office and all over the Group units, where thousands of units of blood is collected, through voluntary donation and active participation of our staff members and workers.


Helping people – our employees and the community

Every year, as the pilgrims of Dakor temple pass through Dakor, the trust organises a rest camp for them where hot water bath, massages and meals are served to over 10-12 lakh pilgrims. In addition to this, as a regular practice, the trust and the companies run employee welfare schemes for the benefit of our employees and their families.



Nandan Denim plans to develop education facilities in villages around its plants to provide high quality education to village children at affordable cost.



Nandan Denim’s CSR plan also includes development of sanitation facilities in villages around its plants.


Green Belt Development

Nandan Denim has committed itself to develop green belt at its factories. We have already planted over 25000 trees and the counting continues with each day


An open agenda

Unlike other corporates, at Nandan we keep re-visiting our CSR agenda to assess and develop the model with the change in the time. The above items are assessed as immediate need in the surrounding areas and the list gets updated on regular basis.