Denim being a popular fashion material used all around the world, is manufactured and used in huge quantities which often results in magnanimous usage of water and harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is very important to recycle the fabric in order to reduce its environmental impact. So while Denim Garage motivates our teams, our customers and the populace at large to showcase their creativity to re-hash their worn out denims, on the other hand, we employ specialised recycling processes to re-create and re-use old denim yarn into a new fabric, with often, improved qualities.

In order to create new denim out of an old worn out denim, the denims are hashed into small pieces and then milled down to a pulp of cotton. The otherwise too long and too hard to pulp fabric, now gets broken down into short, soft fibres. Pure organic cotton is added to this pulp in order to develop a more durable fabric. Then, different spinning techniques are employed to achieve differently textured fabrics. The final denim is soft to touch with slight slubs created due to the natural irregularities of the recycled yarn. As a result of recycling, the undyed fabric produced is blue-grey in colour.

Besides a scientific approach, the master craftsmen at Nandan also creatively recycle old denims into a stylish fashion articles or home accessory products such as bags, luggage and upholstery.