Applies Stringent Environment Safety Checks On Every Step Of Production

Water Conservation

Considering the importance of water conservation, at Nandan, we recycle and reuse a large quantity of water. Additionally, our product development team has successfully developed fabrics that inherently requires lesser water during manufacturing and processing. We have also developed facilities at our plant to harvest rain water.

Effluent Treatment

Fulfilling our commitment towards a cleaner environment, we have installed a hi-tech zero discharge system and an efficiently managed effluent treatment plant. The company has also installed a caustic recovery plant to reduce the alkali load in the effluent.

Eco-Friendly Chemicals

Nandan Denim is accredited to have introduced liquid indigo in India and is currently the largest consumer of the same in the country. Liquid indigo reduces effluent load on the effluent treatment plant and is easy and safe to handle. Additionally, we extensively interact with chemical suppliers all over the world in our endeavor to find and use environment friendly chemicals towards a sustainable future.

Development of Green Belt

Nandan Denim has committed itself to develop green belt at its factories. We have already planted over 25000 trees and the counting goes on regular basis.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Nandan Denim has sewage treatments at its manufacturing site. The discharge from the STP is used to water the gardens and plantation.