What drives us is Fashion, Understanding of product and desire to excel.

We work hard and play hard. The Fashion world is a play ground, no boundaries defined.

The team forming part of the Nandan family is rebellious : We write our rules, we break the old rules of fashion world.

We define fashion, we want to make people feel fashionable at most affordable costs.

We love experiments with the fashion. Fashion should not be a burden, it needs to make users comfortable


One of the largest vertically integrated textile manufacturers in World with over 130 million meters capacity of denim and cotton greige fabric. One of the few denim manufacturers capable of dyeing denim yarns with sheet dyeing and rope dyeing technologies. We offer large volumes of denim in similar colours as well as small lots in differentiated colours. Our fabric finishing facility includes almost every type of possible finishes on denims e.g. wet chemical application, foam application, over-dyeing, peaching, coating, resin application and the list is growing.

The company’s advanced spinning facility is capable of producing all specialized yarns like duel core, coloured slubs, cotton stretch yarns. Our world-class facilities are ably backed by a solid infrastructure to make our processes more productive, people more efficient and products consistent in quality. We regularly incur maintenance capital expenditure to keep the technology relevant, updated to offer the widest range of fabrics while conserving environment through reduced carbon footprint, water consumption and manpower stress. Highest level of automation helps to achieve consistent results anytime and every time.


Nandan Denim is one of the largest manufacturers of denim in the world with a production capacity of over 110 million meters per annum. This enables us to meet our customers’requirements for quick delivery without fail. Moreover, with the equipment and the expertise, we can supply a wide range of denim fabrics right from basics to the most complicated coated products. We offer our customers a basket of all types of denims under a single roof. Beginning with a modest range of denims, today we have one of the largest denim product baskets to deliver Right Products at the Right Time backed by a massive manufacturing capability. And the list is growing keeping in mind the fashion quotient of the users. We design and develop products to make our users fashionable, look in the place with a larger section of machine suppliers to support us new developments. At Nandan, we blend people, processes and ideas to deliver the products that take the market by storm.

Our wide range of Denim Blends includes