Have You Parked In Yet?
Denim Garage is a place where artists, designers, denim engineers and fashion enthusiasts park their minds on giving denim - a hitherto simple, casual fabric - a whole new dimension. Not just creating garments out of the fabric, but crafting denims into a way of life. An everyday symbol for style. It is an indigo research laboratory where art and technology meet eye to eye. Where natural indigo and painstakingly woven denim fabric find their well-deserved place in handcrafted masterpieces that speak of never-seen-before designs and newer applications. Here, everything from garments, accessories to furnishings is waiting to be crafted out of sheer innovation. Waiting to create a new trend. It's an asylum where boundaries are meant to be crossed and rules designed to be bent. Here, soulful imagination is pining to find its way into a well-crafted body of work. Denim Garage aims at taking denim to every style conscious soul making denims not just a wardrobe-basic, but a fashion-must. Celebrating a variety of styles ranging from traditional rugged to revolutionary chic, it is a pit stop where ideas meet engineering and design meets innovation. Do you hear the wheels of imagination turning?
Denim Garage Challenge
At Nandan, we believe that fashion is something that keeps on evolving with every passing minute. And therefore deserves ever-new custodians to take it to the next level. In order to scout for new talent and budding genius, we have thrown open The Denim Garage Challenge to students and alumni all across the various campuses of National Institute of Fashion Technology, the premier fashion design school in the country. This contest prompts these style soldiers to create new fabrics and newer finishes, never-seen-before garments and never-thought-of accessories. And as this young blood comes vying for the top spot, the contest provides a level field for an open exchange of ideas and opportunities for collaboration. This most-sought-after event in the NIFT calendar sees an unmatched free-flow of creativity as the contenders make their final presentation at a fashion show graced by the who's who of the fashion industry. For some, it's a challenge, for others, a life changer.